Sheen Pink

Sheen Pink vinyl dressing

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Product Code: 270017

Sheen Pink is an interior dressing for vehicle vinyl trim, dash and rubber trim. It has a pleasant floral perfume. Apply sparingly to surfaces using a clean dry cloth and allow to dry for a natural finish. An Environmentally friendly solvent free formula that is suitable for restoring the appearance of most vinyl and plastic interior surfaces

This product contains silicone

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre.

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Sheen Pink is a vehicle interior vinyl dressing formulated to restore the appearance of vehicle interior vinyl trim, dashboard surfaces and rubber trim. It is an environmentally friendly solvent free water based formulation with a pleasant floral perfume, that quickly and easily rejuvenates faded and scuffed trim. Sheen Lemon is a similar product, supplied with a pleasant citrus perfume

Directions: apply sparingly using a clean dry cloth or on larger areas an atomising spray. Dries quickly to a natural finish. Polish using a soft cloth if a shine is required. For a high gloss finish apply a second coat, allow to dry and buff using a soft cloth.

This product contains silicone

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre