Sheen Lemon 2

Sheen Lemon vinyl dressing

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Sheen Lemon is a quick to use interior dressing for vinyl trim, dash and rubber trim. It is an environmentally friendly water based formulation with a pleasant lemon perfume that dries quickly to a natural finish, restoring the appearance of surfaces treated

Pack size: 1 x 5 litres


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Sheen Lemon is an interior vinyl dressing formulated to restore the appearance of vehicle interior vinyl trim, dashboard surfaces and rubber trim. It is an environmentally friendly solvent free water based formulation that quickly and easily rejuvenates faded and scuffed trim. Sheen Lemon is not suitable for use on external surfaces exposed to the weather. It is formulated with a pleasant lemon perfume. A similar  alternative to Sheen Lemon is Sheen Pink

Directions: apply sparingly using a clean dry cloth and allow to dry. Dries quickly to a natural finish. Buff using a soft cloth if a shine is required. For a high gloss finish apply a second coat, allow to dry and buff using a soft cloth.

Pack size: 1 x 5 litres