Sheen A

Sheen A vinyl dressing

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Sheen A is a liquid dressing formulated to restore the appearance of vinyl and plastic trim on vehicles. Sheen A is waterproof and is suitable for use on exterior vinyl and plastic trim. Use sparingly for best results. Pleasantly perfumed. Suitable for restoring the appearance of faded plastic panels on portable toilets and other similar applications

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre

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Sheen A is a liquid formulated to restore the appearance of vinyl and plastic trim and dries to a natural finish which revitalises all surfaces treated leaving a low sheen and pleasant aroma. The product is waterproof and formulated for use on vehicle exterior trim, bumpers, rubbing strips, vinyl and plastic surfaces. Sheen A vinyl plastic dressing may be also be used sparingly on interior vinyl surfaces such as door rubbers, kick plates etc. Sheen A is ideal for restoring the surface of plastic toilet unit panels and other similar applications where the surface is faded by ultra violet light. It rejuvenates the appearance of plastics hiding minor scratches and damage to surfaces.

Directions: use as supplied, do not dilute. Use a soft low lint cloth to apply to surfaces to be treated. Apply sparingly and allow to dry.

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre