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Wash & Wax car wash

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Wash and Wax is a high quality hand wash detergent that contains a Carnauba wax additive to enhance vehicle paintwork and provide an excellent deep cleansing action for removing road dirt and traffic film. Provides a high shine finish causing water landing on paintwork to bead off

Pack size: 1 x 5 litres, 1 x 25 litres


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Wash & Wax is a high quality car hand wash shampoo with Carnauba wax additive. Leaves a high and long lasting shine on paintwork.Ideal for one step car preparation.

Directions: Pre wash the vehicle using a high pressure water jet to remove larger pieces of grit and dirt that can damage paintwork during the cleaning process. Add 50ml (an egg cup full) to a bucket of hand hot water and mix thoroughly. This will be sufficient to clean an average size car.  Apply Wash & Wax to all surfaces using a clean jumbo sponge. Clean the sills, wheel arches, lower panels on the vehicle and wheels last so as not to transfer any grit that can scratch paintwork to the rest of the vehicle bodywork. Finally rinse treated surfaces using clean water and chamois dry. Wash and Wax leaves a high wax, high gloss finish on paintwork providing additional protection against the elements.

Pack size: 1 x 5 litres, 1 x 25 litres