Tarsolve HD 2

Tarsolve HD tar remover

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Product Code: 270116

An extra strength tar, bitumen and adhesive remover that is safe to use on vehicle paintwork. The product is forlumated to emulsify with water allowing you to flush away deposits leaving paintwork surfaces clean and free of tar deposits

Pack size: 1 x 5 litres. 1 x 25 litres

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HD Tar Solve is a heavy duty tar remover that is formulated to quickly remove deposits of tar, bitumen and stubborn adhesives. It is safe to use on vehicle and plant paintwork and readily emulsifies with water allowing deposits to be flushed away. A fast acting solvent based product that will also readily remove stubborn adhesives from the application of lettering and decals on vehicle paintwork. Flushes clean with water.

Directions: use as supplied. If possible decant sufficient to be use into a smaller container prior to use. Apply using a cloth, paint brush or hand held spray (sprayer must be solvent resistant). Allow to active, then rinse off using clean water and allow to dry. For stubborn deposits repeat the application process

Pack size: 1 x 5 litres. 1 x 25 litres