SC9 Plus 5 ltr

SC9 Plus

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Product Code: 150222

SC9 Plus is one of our original chemical toilet blue sanitiser formulations, a concentrated toilet additive with an odour digester and royal blue dye for use in recirculating plastic chemical toilets used on sites and at events

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre, 1 x 25 litre, 1 x 205 litre


SC9 Plus was the first portable toilet sanitiser and odour digester we developed. The formulation has been revised over the years and is now supplied as a concentrate with an odour digester, royal blue dye and strong red berry perfume. This product is formulated for use in plastic portable toilets used for site work or events. The toilet blue additive is also suitable for use in caravan cassette toilets. SC9 Plus may foam if subjected to high pressure systems. Use of a defoamer will not cause any determent to performance of the product and may be used if necessary

Directions: for site work where the toilet is serviced weekly and for event use, dose at 250ml plus 25 litres clean water. Always add the chemical first and the water afterwards to dilute the toilet chemical

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre, 1 x 25 litre, 1 x 205 litre