IPA – Iso Propyl Alcohol

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IPA (isopropyl alcohol)also known as rubbing alcohol is a professional grade industrial alcohol with a multiplicity of uses

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre. 1 x 25 litre


IPA is a commonly used abbreviation for the solvent Iso Propyl Alcohol. IPA has a very wide range of uses including the removal of stubborn residue from glass, lenses an all other types of optical equipment. It is widely used in hospitals and laboratories as a cleanser and sanitiser. IPA is a universally recognised electronic cleaning solvent and is used extensively in the electronics industry. IPA readily removes lanolin and contaminants from industrial stainless steel surfaces. Ideal for use on plastic and metal surfaces to clean and de-grease prior to the application of adhesive pads and stickers. Does not harm plastics. Evaporates leaving no residual.

Directions: wipe, spray or brush on to surfaces being treated. Wipe over and allow to dry.

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre. 1 x 25 litre