Hypoclean Thick

Hypoclean Thick Bleach

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Hypoclean is a thick stabilised industrial strength bleach. This thicker formulation is ideal for use where a longer contact time is required. Use as part of your anti virus and anti bacterial protection programme. Suitable for use on colour fast hard surfaces including floors, drains, gullies, sinks, toilets etc. To kill virus and bacterial deposits make sure you leave the bleach on the surface to work for 10-15 minutes, then give the surface a wipe with a clean cloth.

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre, 1 x 25 litre

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Hypoclean Thick is a thickened bleach solution that is ideal for use where a longer contact time is required to kill virus, bacteria and algae deposits, removing unsightly staining and leaving areas treated fresh and clean. Our stabilised solution is formulated to retain its strength. It is suitable for cleaning drains, gullies, toilets, floors and many other colour fast surfaces that require cleansing and sterilising. Always keep the cap tightly screwed down on Hypoclean Thick to extend it’s shelf life. Use as part of your anti viral and anti bacterial protection programme

Directions: For areas of light contamination dilute with up to 20 parts clean water prior to use. For general use dilute with up to 10 parts water prior to use. May be used as supplied to remove heavy contaminates from toilet bowls, urinals, drains and gullies. Never allow bleach to come into contact with acids as Chlorine gas will be given off.

Pack size: 1 x 5 litre, 1 x 25 litre