Germ Free anti bac disinfectant

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A high quality fast acting anti bactericidal disinfectant that is formulated to kill bacteria, virus and fungus on contact. Safe for use on all surfaces including stainless steel. Controls airborne and surface bacteria. Neutralises bacterial odours on contact

Pack size: 1 x 5 litres, 1 x 25 litres. Boxed quantity 4 x 5 litres


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Germ Free is a high quality fast acting bacterial deodourising disinfectant that kills bacteria, virus and fungus on contact. Spray onto contaminated areas to control bacterial activity and immediately neutralise odours. Germ Free is ideal for disinfecting and removing odours from washroom areas, portable chemical toilets, urinals, bidets, baths, floors, drains, rubbish bins, rubbish carts, waste disposal chutes, carpets, entrance matting, sunbeds, sports equipment, shoes etc. It leaves surfaces clean, sterile and odour free. This product is very effective at sterilising chemical toilets, odours are removed immediately on contact and the product will not impede the action of toilet additives

Directions: Germ Free may be diluted with up to 200 parts water for control of airborne and surface bacteria. Only dilute sufficient to treat the area to be cleaned. Do not return diluted product to the bottle. Apply using a hand held spray, brush, mop or cloth as required. Allow a few minutes to soak. If necessary agitate the surface treated with a brush to loosen contaminants.

Pack size: 1 x 5 litres, 1 x 25 litres. Boxed quantity 4 x 5 litres