Tork Multi Wipe 520371

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Product Code: TP520371

An individually boxed Tork Premium Multipurpose Cloth 520371. Grey multi wipe that feels like textile and is economical to use. A direct replacement for middle quality textile rags. It absorbs on contact and is therefore excellent for use with water, oil, grease, cutting fluids and other liquids. An ideal general purpose workshop wipe. Supplied in a dispensing box for ease of use. Each wipe measure 42 cm x 38 cm

Pack size: Pack size: 1 x box (280 sheets)


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Tork Multi Wipe graphite industrial cleaning wiper is a perfect alternative to rags or rental cloths. Its softness and flexibility allows cleaning tight spaces and intricate components without scratching the surface, yet it is tough enough to mop up oil, grease and dirt, while usable with most solvents. This Tork Industrial cleaning Cloth comes in a protective handy box which makes the cleaning cloth easily available when needed. Each wipe measures 42 cm x 38 cm

Pack size: 1 x box (280 sheets)